The Power of a Smile

Recently I read an article called “Dentist who gives free smile makeovers to Brazil’s poorest proudly reveals their life-changing transformations in uplifting before and after photos” by Freya Drohan, a reporter for The article discusses a dentist that offered to give free dental work to the homeless–the results are incredible. The most eye-catching parts … More The Power of a Smile

Stromboli Part 2

We all stood surrounding the man with the french accent that was supposed to be our tour guide. He was fit and happy–not a care in the world. He helped us strap our helmets on our backpacks (I was the only one in our group with one), and fasten our boots around our ankles so … More Stromboli Part 2

Stromboli Part 1

Boom! crackle, crackle. Boom! The center of the Earth spewed out just 500 yards in front of me. The crust cracked beneath my feet leaving a roar that filled me to my core. I stood staring at the orange, red, and yellow colors swirling through the air. A tear fell down my emotionless face. I … More Stromboli Part 1

Life is Long

“Life is long.” That was the wise response my dad gave my twin sister as she worried about her future career path. Sure life feels short once you live it– but as of now, we’ve got a long road ahead of us. The  pressure to decide where you fit in and what you’ll do in … More Life is Long

Little Things

The exhilaration of waking up before the crack of dawn to fish for what would be the most spectacular creature we’d ever experienced formed with the crushing swells of the Atlantic. You’d be surprised to hear that we didn’t actually catch anything. Spring Break 2019 began with an 8.5 hour boat ride from Sarasota, Florida … More Little Things

Η ελληνική περιπέτεια Μέρος πρώτο

The Greek Adventure Part 1 February 2010: Hailey and I have lice. My dad can’t walk. We’re on a sailboat. Our captain is unconscious. The dinghy is popped. OH! and we’re in Greece– which is currently on strike. Let’s start at the beginning… The trip started with some bumps. In the CVG airport my family … More Η ελληνική περιπέτεια Μέρος πρώτο


OW/O;IW/TN (noun) – Abbreviation for “Out with the old, in with the new”. Janus, an ancient Roman God, has dual faces with one that looks into the past and one that looks unto the future. He is the god of beginnings and endings– the transition of time. Just like Janus, the month January is a … More OW/O;IW/TN