The World Around Me

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe that is true. Below I have compiled my favorite photos I have taken. They are from all different places and events, and they tell countless stories of the people, occurrences, culture, and, honestly, some just make me feel happy.

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Filicudi, Italy 2019 This is a rock beach on a little island in the south of Italy. Not many people have been to this island, but it was my favorite. It may not have been the most beautiful, but the people were so personable, and the town felt “home-y”. When I see this image, I think of the hidden beauty in this little island.
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Sarasota, Florida 2020 I took this photo at a light show that my grandma, Mimi, planned for us to attend following New Years. I have never been more in awe of what people can do with art. Mimi, who is a true artist paints paintings of landscapes from images she’s captured. I admire what she can do with every piece. When I see this image, I think of her and her artistic skill. It makes me happy.
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The Sky 2019 This is an image I took on an airplane ride to Italy this past summer. I vividly recall waking up to see the pastel colors of the rising sun. It was early, and I contemplated going back to bed, but I decided to pull out my phone and snap this image. I feel like the story behind it teaches me a bit about loving and admiring the small things in life–like the bright colors coming in through the window. 
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The Ohio River, Cincinnati, Ohio 2018 These are my feet! I used to hate my feet because they’d always break (9 broken ankles). I particularly like this image because of the bright summer colors and the breeze I can feel through my hair. Most likely my dad or my sister was steering the boat beside me. We had the radio blaring country music. This is one of my favorite moments; I get lost in the hum of the world around and beside me.
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Norris Lake, Tennessee 2017 I took this photo on July 4th, at the firework show. Normally, we’d hop in the ski boat and head to view them by water, but this year we drove to a cliff and watched them from our cars because it was raining. I captured this photo of smoke in the sky, lit by the moon. My cousins are sitting in the bed of my dad’s truck. It was pouring rain, but we all huddled together. Overtime I see this photo, I can feel the muggy summer air and the warmth of my family around me. 
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Barbour Springs, Michigan 2018 This is my twin sister, Hailey, with icicles formed in her curls and frost on her eyelashes. The temperature was 39 below, but we wanted to go in the hot tub outside. After only a minute, the ice formed, and I thought it was beautiful.
Big Pass, Sarasota, Florida 2019 This photo was taken one early morning over spring break. We boarded our boat before sunrise so that we could capture this moment. We were on our way to Marathon, Florida in the Keys where we spent our Spring Break. This image captures my ideal morning which makes me happy. I was covered in blankets inside the warmth or the boat canvas. I napped on the way out until my dad woke me up because he knew I didn’t want to miss this moment. 
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Norris Lake, Tennessee 2017 This is my cousin’s golden retriever, Olly. This was the first time I met him, and he came up and tapped me on the face. That dog has the same personality as our whole extended family–lots and lost of energy. When I see this photo, I think of what we’re made of–how my family fits together.
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German Town, Nashville, Tennessee 2019 I like to call this picture “These Boots”, named after the song by country singer Eric Church. We went to Nashville for the Eric Church concert, and, naturally, we all had to get real Nashville boots for the show. I like this photo because when I think of that trip, I think of how much fun we had as a family and with our friends that are like a second family. Just like in Church’s song, we’re all walking these roads together, and we’ve got each other to help overcome obstacles.
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Siesta Key, Florida 2018 This is my dad. We call him “tour director” because he always has something for us to do. I can’t remember a trip where he’s not energetic and trying to get us to do outrageous things such as hiking a volcano, swimming with manatees, tubing in ten foot waves, and much, much more. This picture encapsulates him so well because this is literally all of the toys he brings to the beach. Never boring!
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The Ohio River, Cincinnati, Ohio 2016 I took this photo with my old phone. The camera didn’t seem what you would call “high-end”, but the warmth of this summer night was captured entirely. When I see this photo, I think of evenings on the river with my family where we’re sunburnt and chilly.
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Hopetown, Abaco, Bahamas 2017 This image was taken at the top of the Hopetown light house. The colors and serenity capture my eye. I think about how my breath was taken away the second I witnessed this view.

7 thoughts on “The World Around Me

  1. Kenzie. I wish I could write as beautifully as you and express how much it meant to me to be part of your blog. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you It is a real gift to be able to look at life so beautifully. There are so many ways to use this ability. You have the ability to lift people up with your artistic ability in your photos and your words. I love you Mims

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  2. Wow. The picture of your sister and the interior of the plane on your way to Italy (such serendipity that that sunset’s cascade of colors in the cabin reminds us of the Italian flag). What talent you have with the camera. The images you capture (both in word and image) are beautiful. They suggest a attentive, deep, thoughtful, graceful soul.


  3. Deke showed me this tonight. I thought he was going to cry reading your words. He is so proud and rightfully so.You have embraced life wholeheartedly. Congrats!


  4. That is insane how you were able to make the Ohio River look like a pleasant place. Most people always think of it as polluted and gross.


  5. I loved looking at each of these pictures and reading their captions. So attentive and thoughtful! These pictures are so so good!!


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